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HOT MIC: Speakers For Your Next Event

top futurist speaker

Technology today, moving so swiftly, how can businesses keep up with it all? Futurist speaker, Jack Uldrich, your solution for gaining insight into the future, available for your next event! Jack Uldrich speaks on the changing economy, cloud computer management, innovative technologies, and … [Read More...]


Cultivate the energy, with strategic training and talks from Ryan Estis. Businesses seeking to gain momentum in branding and sales can take advantage of Ryan's experience in the fields of Employee Engagement, Human resources, Leadership, Business Performance and Business Culture. Employees and … [Read More...]

Keynote Speaker

Connie Podesta.Laugh-out-loud with this motivational woman keynote speaker. Podesta brings a surge of energy to your events, with professional talks on multi-related business issues. Corporations and companies often seek out quality keynotes and Connie fits the template for many topics of … [Read More...]


Erik Wahl, cultivating explosive conversation for his audiences, is the keynote speaker you are looking for! Hot topics of Creativity, Innovation, Motivation, Business and peak Performance. Large corporate companies and organization take advantage of Erik's passion as an artist, he brings our … [Read More...]


Michael Abrashoff, speaker and author, provides organization and businesses leadership lessons based off his Naval career. Known for his revival of a Pacific Fleet ship, where Mike brought the vessel from the being the worst to the best, let Abrashoff captivate your audience while he shows key … [Read More...]

Meeting Resources

Planning a successful event requires exquisite attention to detail — it's often the little things that set you apart. But the most perfect execution won't save you if your speaker is a dud. Here are nine tips from cofounder Richard Schelp to help you avoid disaster on stage: Create and develop the theme for your even before you begin the speaker search. Thanks to the Internet, it's easy to … [Read More...]

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Now On Board

Executive Speaker Bureau is building up the list, of available keynotes. Visit our main website for a detailed search, on hundreds of speakers, who can engage your audience in the topics key to your business strategy and goals. (Click Here) NEW ON OUR LIST! Anthony Melchiorrie Jim Meskimen Tim Wilkins Lolly Daskal Alex Kip Anthony Melchiorrie, sound familiar? Host of the Travel … [Read More...]

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